Power BI Training


  • Power BI for the Data Analyst – Getting started
  • Power BI for the Data Analyst – Advanced techniques
  • Power BI for Data Professionals – One day workshop
  • Mastering Data Visualization with Power BI – One day workshop
  • Mastering Power BI Solutions – 3 day class
  • Custom Courses & additional material

Mastering Power BI Solutions

Adaptable course length and skill level:
1-4 days; beginning, intermediate and advanced levels

The length of the non-adapted course is 3 days and is taught at an intermediate skill level.  Students should have some entry-level experience with database concepts, reports and using Excel.  The course addresses the needs of self-service BI practitioners, IT professionals, administrator and data analysts.  Optional materials are available to focus on the Business Data Analyst and IT Professional roles; and Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced skill levels and experience.  Course covers the current version of Power BI and Power BI Desktop (material is update every 2-3 months).

Course modules:

00-Course Introduction
00-Lab setup
01-Business Analytics
02-Getting and Cleansing Data
02-Lab: Get & Transform Data
03-Modeling Essentials
03-Lab: Modeling Essentials
04-Quick Analytics
05-Calculation Basics
06-Visualizing and Analyzing Information
06-Lab: Visualizing & Analyzing
07-Publishing Sharing Distributing and Mobile
08-Architecting Business Solutions
09-Advanced Data Transformation
09-Lab: Advanced Transformations
10-Advanced Data Modeling
11-Advanced Calculations DAX
11-Lab: Financial Models & Calculations
12-Advanced Visualization
13-Advanced Analytics
14-Administration & Security
15-Bring Your Own Data Business Case Deep Dive
16-Review & Next Steps

Custom Courses & additional material

available for custom training engagements

Power BI Collaborative Team Solutions
Power BI 100 – Getting Started with Power BI Desktop: import, mashup, basic modeling, simple calculations & visualizing data
Power BI 200 – Data Transformation with Power Query & M data mashup language
Power BI 200 – Data Modeling & Calculations: build unique table relationships, disconnected tables, many-to-many, data tables; advanced column metadata, optimizing for Dashboard Q&A.  Essential DAX calculations & measures.
Power BI 200 – Data Visualization: Use slicers with interactive visuals, design visual interactions, specialty slicers, conditional formatting, drill-down
Power BI 200 – Deploy, Secure & Share: Publish to Power BI service workspace, configure data refresh, create dashboard content, share reports.  Create app workspace and share reports app with pro and view-only users.
Power BI 300 – Using Power BI with Excel to publish and collaborate, author in Excel & publish to the Power BI service, Analyze in Excel and use Excel visuals in coordinated dashboards.
Power BI 300 – Designing Power BI solutions using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) on premises.  Using perspectives to optimize the user experience.  Using parameters to manage incremental data loads.  Scheduling & managing partition & table processing.
Power BI 300 – Using Power BI with Azure SSAS cloud service.  Development & deployment requirements.  Processing techniques.  Using PowerShell to manage refresh and processing.
Power BI 300 – DirectQuery connectivity from Power BI Desktop.  Developing & managing report solutions using DirectQuery datasets.  Calculation & function limitations for DirectQuery.  Alternative approaches.
Power BI 400 – Advanced Calculations.  Use advanced DAX functions & calculation techniques.  Troubleshoot & optimize DAX calculation with DAX Studio & tracing tools.
Power BI 400 – Solution Security.  Designing & implementing role-based, row-level security in Power BI Desktop and SSAS Tabular.
Power BI 400 – Designing Solutions for Embedding, Programmatic Security & Live Streaming.

Sessions & Workshops

Power BI for Serious Business Solutions

Which Power BI architecture is right for you and your business?  In the Nine Realms of Power BI; business users, data analysts, BI professionals and solution developers create a vast range of solutions.  Do-it-yourself analysts can mashup data and create dashboard reports, IT teams can create secure, high volume enterprise-scale solutions for users and customers.  Power BI reports and dashboards can be live-streamed, embedded and delivered through custom applications to desktop and mobile devices.  The options are vast and dizzying.

In this hands-on session, we will break down the Nine Realms of Power BI solutions and architectures, tools and skills needed to deliver each.  We will explore and demonstrate many of the options so you can make informed decisions about the solutions that are right for you.

The session will explore:

  • Using cached data models in the Power BI service and on-premises
  • Working with Power BI Report Server
  • Publishing and sharing options
  • Using direct connect to Analysis Services, on-prem & Azure
  • Data refresh and partitioning
  • Using DirectQuery
  • Implementing security and row-level filtering
  • Embedding and delivery options

The session covers a lot of ground and some advanced-level topics.  Attendees are not expected to have all the tools and skills necessary to implement every option but should have some experience with Power BI and the Microsoft data platform.  Project files and examples will be provided with some instructor-led hands-on demonstrations.  This is not an end-to-end class or lab exercise but you will leave better prepared to take the next steps for your solution.

At minimum, you will need Power BI Desktop installed on your Windows 10 or Windows 7 laptop with at least 4GB of RAM (8GB+ recommended).  Optionally, you may find it useful to install SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition, Tabular SSAS, SSDT, SSMS and Power BI Report Server.  Additional setup instructions are here: https://intelligentbizllc.com/workshops-and-training-session-setup-guides/