Reporting Services Training

SQL Server Reporting Services Training

Courses written by authors and co-authors of the Wrox Professional series books, Microsoft whitepapers and training courses.

Mastering Reporting Services 2016 Solutions

Adaptable course length and skill level:
2-4 days; beginning, intermediate and advanced levels

The length of the non-adapted course is 3 days and is taught at a beginning to intermediate skill level.  Students should have some entry-level experience with database concepts.  The course covers the features of the SQL Server 2016 and 2017 Reporting Services (these product versions are ~80% similar to SQL Server 2008R2, 2012 & 2014) and, optionally, Power BI Report Server.

Course modules:

01-Microsoft Reporting Tools and BI Solutions
02-Self-service Reporting with SSRS
03-Getting Started with Report Solutions and What’s New in SSRS 2016-2017
04-Basic Report Design
04-Lab: Report Design Essentials
05-Grouping and Totals
05-Lab: Authoring Report Datasets
06-Adanced and Analytic Reporting
06-Lab: Grouping and Totals
07-Graphical Report Design
07-Lab: Graphical Report Design
08-Advanced Queries and Parameters
08-Lab: Advanced Queries and Parameters
09-Reporting with Analysis Services
09-Lab: Reporting with Analysis Services
10-Expressions and Actions
10-Lab: Expressions and Report Templates
11-Solution Patterns
11-Lab: Report Solutions Patterns and Recipes
12-Mobile Report Solutions
12-Lab: Implementing a Mobile Report with Design First Development
13-Mobile Report Design Patterns
13-Lab: Mobile Report Design Patterns
14-Advanced Mobile Report Solutions
14-Lab: Advanced Mobile Report Solutions
15-Reporting Services Custom Programming
16-Administrating Reporting Services